COVID-19: Due to COVID-19, flights carrying pets are very limited. If you have any questions or need a quote, contact us on 0419 024 407.

About Us

Let me introduce myself after all if you are going to trust your pet to me you may like to know a little about me.

My name is Mary I come from a farming family in England where I worked as a riding instructor and vet nurse also being a volunteer for the RSPCA. I came to Australia on a container ship with 4 of my own dogs and cared for 34 others and 8 cats the trip taking a month when animals were only allowed in by sea.

Some of these pets were frightened and some were shy others were angry during this time with them I began to understand their feelings, and decided to continue to transport animals when I settled here.

I started All Animal Transport along with boarding kennels but have since sold the kennels to concentrate on pet transport only boarding pets in transit now.

I offer knowledgeable care and advice, breed and train German Shepherd dogs and love and respect all animals.

Keeping your pet safe and comfortable in transit is my priority.

leftI handle all aspects of Travel including;

  • Collection from your home
  • All Necessary Vet work
  • AQIS Documentation
  • Booking of Flights and airline Charges
  • Transport Crates, Plastic or wooden ones made to size and IATA Standards
  • Boarding Facilities for short stay
  • Advice on Quarantine requirements in other countries
  • Lodging Pets at airport for flight
  • Cuddles to reassure them that they will be OK !!

Highly Recommended by Vets, Airlines, Breeders and most of all PETS !