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Our Services

Services offered by All Animal Transport

servicesAll pets travel in air conditioned vehicle whilst travelling on land in our pet transportation and during air travel are housed in a pressurised air conditioned compartment, just the same as people travel in, only it is quiet and dark and the animals can sleep.

All national and international flights are the most direct and comfort stops are arranged on long flights The animals have water containers fitted in their crates and water is topped up between flights.

Whilst your pet is with All Animal Transport they are treated as my own with every care taken and continued contact with owners your pets safety and comfort are guaranteed.

All international documents regarding their transport and quarantine arrangements are taken care of from the smallest puppy dog to the biggest cat from mice to snakes they all get a cuddle to send them on their way.

I handle all aspects of Travel including;

  • Collection from your home
  • All Necessary Vet work
  • AQIS Documentation
  • Booking of Flights and airline Charges
  • Transport Crates, Plastic or wooden ones made to size and IATA Standards
  • 6 months pre UK Pet passport scheme
  • Advice on Quarantine requirements in other countries
  • Lodging Pets at airport for flight
  • Cuddles to reassure them that they will be OK !!

As well as offering knowledgeable care and advice.